The Department of Physics Faculty and Staff

Administrative Support Coordinator Clare Clifford  
Stockroom Technician Mary Murphy-Waldorf

Dr. Leslie Atkins
Dr. Eric Ayars
Dr. Louis Buchholtz
Dr. Eric Dietz  
Dr. Christopher Gaffney
Dr. David Kagan
Dr. Nicholas Nelson      
Dr. Anna Petrova-Mayor
Chair: Dr. Xueli Zou

Dr. Nathan Anderson    
Dr. Paul Arpin    
Dr. David Brookes        
Dr. Christopher Culbreath
Ms. Lynda Klein  
Dr. Sherazkhan Omarzai    
Mr. Jason Trento    

Emeritus Faculty
Dr. Irving Boekelheide      
Mr. Fred Boos      
Dr. Cheuk-Kin Chau
Dr. Philip Gash
Dr. Eugene Mallary      
Dr. L. Edward Millet  
Dr. Michael McGie  
Dr. Robert Paulson
Mr. Lewis R. "Bob" Plumb      
Dr. John Young  

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